"Street Fighter IV" Is The Best Street Fighter, Ever

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    Is Street Fighter IV the best Street Fighter game ever?

    Well, if you go by the lines of the people who lined up for the game’s midnight release at Gamestops around the country, then the answer is a resounding yes.

    And if you go by the amazing graphics, fast and furious gameplay, robust online mode and return of the 12 core characters like Guile, Chun-Li and Blanka,  the answer is a deafeningly loud, hadouken enshrouded, yes.

    While many still cling to the greatness that was Street Fighter II (and it’s various incarnations), there’s one thing that the classic 2-D brawler lacked- depth. Street Fighter IV solves this problem by adding a 3-D element to the game, but still making it a head-to-head brawler in a traditional 2-D fashion.

    At the game’s start, you’ll be greeted with an incomplete roster, which you’ll need to fill in by completing the game several times. Doing so will get you Cammy, Gen and Dan, amongst others. But while you may not have everyone at your disposal, you will have host of characters to occupy your time. Fans of the series will be able to dive in immediately as the controls have essentially stayed the same.

    Remember, if you knew how to throw a fireball in 1992, you can do it 2009.

    Aside from the game’s impressive single player campaign which pits you against the world warriors and ultimately main boss Seth, SFIV‘s online campaign makes for the best way to solve beef.

    (Perhaps 50 Cent and Rick Ross can settle their dispute over a match?)

    The story mode is quick play through (depending on how good you are) yet it offers enough variety for continued replay value. Fans and newcomers will be able to quickly be able to pick up the controls and adapt the new super combo system, which when fully charged allows players the ability to deliver a devastating combo.

    Mixed with the amazing visual presentation, a nimble control system and great story and online mode, Street Fighter IV is a game that will jump start fans who stopped playing at Street Fighter II or are just getting into the franchise for the first time.

    Street Fighter IV is available now for XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3

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