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    New York designer Moire Conroy is one of the exclusively selected young designers who has a shot of having their design worn on the red carpet of The 81st Annual Academy Awards.  Though she sees a possible victory as a huge opportunity to get fast-forwarded to the career she always dreamt of, she couldn’t be calmer. “The votes have been counted and now it’s like whatever happens happens. All of this has been a blessing either way and right now I’m just really exited” Moire says of her pre-Oscar nerves.

    Moire’s Oscar design

    If she takes home the grand prize she will work the red carpet in her own design; a black multi layered silk jersey draped dress. If that will get her to a best or worst dressed list is yet to see, but frankly she doesn’t really care. “Sometimes the dresses on the worst list are ones I really like. Like Bjork’s swan dress, I think that was amazing! The Oscars is such an opportunity for artists to express themselves, and if they do it in that extent, I often like it”.


    Romantic, elegant and comfortable: three words with which Moire describes her personal style. A style that throughout the years has come closer to the style of the garments she designs. “Recently I’ve been tending to wear a lot of my own designs, which is something I wouldn’t do at all in the past.  I changed as a person a lot when I moved to New York, and then so did my style.” says Moire.


    “ I never leave the house without a good bag. I need it big, to fit a water bottle, my sewing kit and a sketchbook. I like it bohemian and stylish.” But if Moire has to choose one thing from her closet she can’t live without, it would undoubtedly be her black Fiorentini and Baker motorcycle boots. In fact, boots are Moire’s over all favorite trend right now “I just love all the boots women are wearing on the streets of New York, I just want to run up to them and feel them!”

    Moire in her studio


    Though Moire’s aim is to make pieces for all people she has a couple of dream customers “I would love to dress Angelina Jolie and the Olsen twins! I think they have incredible senses of style, they dress romantic, stylish and elegant but still bohemian and comfortable. And they’re not afraid to wear layers or vintage.”


    Even though Moire discovered her fashion interest when she was only a little kid, and has been determined to become a designer since after high school, she hasn’t always been spot on in her own style. “When I was living in Paris I just wore jeans, a t-shirt and tennis shoes. Even though I was studying fashion I was too focused on work to care what I was wearing. I can regret now that I didn’t take the opportunity to explore my style when I lived in another place.”


    To Moire, dressing well shouldn’t be that hard, “It’s all bout keeping it simple, accessorizing well and knowing what looks flattering on you. If it doesn’t feel right, you probably shouldn’t wear it”.


    When Moire looks for inspiration for her next collection she can look just about anywhere. “For my newest collection I was inspired by kaleidoscopes.” She says and explains that she researches every thread of inspiration very thoroughly (researching kaleidoscopes lead her to researching Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, which led her to researching Nostradamus and Edward Casey, and their ability to predict … and so, it goes on). “Also my favorite designers are Marc Jacobs and Ann Demeulemeester.”


    In the crowded and tough business of fashion design it sure isn’t an easy way to reach success. Moire has worked incredibly hard to get to where she is and says of herself that she probably is the most ambitious person she knows. “Ambition is the key to making it in this business. That, and never letting people tell you you can’t do it, there is ALWAYS a way to keep doing what you’re passionate about. Always stay true to yourself”.

    As told to Hannah Arnhog

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