Pharrell's New Virtual Gallery

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    Pharrell Williams has always sought to brand himself as a renaissance man of sorts. He is a giant in hip-hop, R&B, funk, fashion and even furniture design. But now Pharrell is making a foray into the online networking world with, a virtual gallery designed to offer creative people of all mediums a place to showcase their work and build. Pharrell, being the eclectic impresario he is, drew the idea from his reading on King Solomon’s temple, a sacred place that allowed its visitors to worship their own deities under one roof.

    Invoking such a hallowed model certainly sets the bar high, but the site will only be as impressive as the ilk of those who choose to join. That said, the idea certainly has enormous potential. A first glance reveals everything from a fresh Latin-beat remix of Jay-Z’s “Roc Boys” to custom-painted Scientology shell toes and a camouflage cargo pillow. Of course there is also your standard bedroom dance routines and elementary graphics work, but such is the plight of a forum that welcomes everyone to share their work.’s ability to rate each member’s pieces and search each medium by popularity may be the site’s saving grace. It’s definitely worth a visit.

    -Lukas Brekke-Miesner

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