Coke Taps Cee-Lo For Promo Track

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    To accompany Coke’s “Happiness Factory” campaign of TV spots, the beverage giant tapped Cee-Lo and Janelle Monae for a collaboration because, you know, they probably thought it was a “hip” thing to do.

    Joining them on the on the Polow Da Don co-produced track is Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy (The Roots like him so he gets a pass), the dude from Gym Class Heroes with the obnoxious tattoos and piercings who can’t decide whether he’s a rapper, rocker, or the next Fred Durst, and some guy from some band that I’ve never heard of because I didn’t watch TRL.

    Coke deserves its props, though, because it finally did something before Pepsi, which is usually first to reach out to artists, from Michael to Britney to Luda (pre-Bill O’Reilly).

    But why, Cee-Lo, why?

    “I guess what was interesting about the idea at first was Coca-Cola’s interest in me – that was appealing.  Music’s marketplace can be very fickle and unforgiving and if you want longevity and you want legend, who better to ask advice from than Coca-Cola?” he said in a statement.

    Goddamn recession.  And as Polow Da Don always says, “Get Money!”

    You can hear the cheese-tastic collaboration “Open Happiness” here.

    – Devin Chanda

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