Trailer of the Week 2: Where the Wild Things Are

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    Wow…just wow.  Forget the actual movie for a moment, this trailer for Spike Jonze’s long-delayed adaptation of the kiddie-lit classic Where the Wild Things Are is a fantastic short film on its own terms.  Beginning with a dream-like scene of young Max being carried through the woods by one of the titular Wild Things, the teaser then cuts to a beautifully edited montage of clips scored to an Arcade Fire track.  It looks and feels exactly like one of Jonze’s groundbreaking music videos, while also hinting at the film’s grander scope.  I’ve been rooting for this project for awhile now, ever since word leaked that Warner Brothers was considering taking Jonze off the project after a disastrous test screening a few years ago.  But to their credit, they stuck with him and have apparently given him the leeway to make a real Spike Jonze movie, not just a kids’ movie directed by Spike Jonze.  My big concern, as always, is whether its really possible to turn such a slender book into a feature film, but now that I’ve seen some of the images Jonze has come up with, I can’t freakin’ wait to see the whole thing.

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