Rick Ross, There is No "Deeper Than Rap" With You

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    Here we go again. Rick Ross is apparently still intent on pushing the drug life despite his confirmed history as a Corrections Officer. I guess it’s kinda cute how stubbornly he’s toeing this line, but it’s also a little sad. At least this time around he enlisted Rik Cordero to produce Deeper Than Rap, a short film that shares the same title as his new album.

    Rik is the hot ticket in “real” hip-hop circles these days as he brings a dark film-noir feel to a genre that was getting a bit too pop. Needless to say, this style is a pretty good fit for Mr. Ross’s fictional fascinations. Unfortunately Rik’s production can’t save Rick’s career. The film is well shot, but the story—executive produced by Ross—lacks depth, clear continuity and strangely, Officer Rawse himself.

    I don’t think Rick Ross is as lame as he’s looked in recent weeks (thanks 50), but if he keeps traveling down this path of make-believe crime and excess he’ll be irrelevant in the near future.

    That makes his decision to shoot his next music video in the drug-war-ravaged country of Columbia that much more questionable.

    Rick, you are not an international made man, you can’t run willy-nilly through Latin America with a Carol City hood pass.

    Oh wait, what? You know Noriega? The real Noriega? Well why didn’t you say so? Word is he owes you a hundred favors. Good luck with that.

    -Lukas Brekke-Miesner

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