Omarion Serves Up Air Yeezy Knock-Offs

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    If you’ve been wondering what Omarion has been up to (yeah, me neither), I think we have our answer. On Tuesday the former B2K frontboy tweeted a twitpic of his new dancer inspired high-tops the Air Yeezys Obois.

    Aside from having a crappy name, they look just like Kanye’s recently released Nike kicks. Which begs the question: Is Omarion trying to corner the Air Yeezy knock-off market? Given that Shaq is aging, Payless may very well be looking for a youthful B-Lister with nothing better to do. Get it, Omarion!

    From a consumer’s standpoint, if you’re too cool to mess with Kanye’s overpriced steps, then you definitely aren’t gonna rock anything designed by Marques Houston Omarion. Let’s be real, dude is a year or two away from The Surreal Life.

    But hey, for all you recession-minded Kanye stans out there, this is a great way to rock a shoe with the aesthetics of the Air Yeezys and the garrish red colorway of his Louis Vuittons all in one.

    Your turn Lil Fizz.

    -Lukas Brekke-Miesner

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