Un-Bey-Lievable: Can Beyoncé Actually Sing?

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    Beyoncé is an international superstar and a certified diva, but for a minute there we were all wondering if she could actually sing. Yesterday Sirius shock jock Howard Stern played a supposed “board feed” of her performance on The Today Show, and let’s just say that the results were less than flattering. Foxy Brown went deaf a while ago, but some thought that Mrs. Jay-Z may have gone tone deaf. Listen below if you enjoy bad karaoke and belly-laughing.

    [ione_audio align=”left”]

    So, yeah. That shit is horrid. BUT, according to Joe Jackson Matthew Knowles and TMZ, the mix is a fake. It would be hilarious to air out Bey as a fraud, but we have all heard her sing live without wailing and dog-whistling.

    -Lukas Brekke-Miesner



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