Did Asher Roth Commit Career Suicide?

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    We could say that Twitter should create a Twitter-filter that would prevent users from firing off stupid Tweets. But then again, if you’ve got the ability to sign up for the micro-blogging site, than you’re able to monitor yourself. It’s a lesson that hip-hop’s newest golden child, Asher Roth, may learn the hard way.

    Yesterday (April 23) at Rutgers University the rapper made an off-color Tweet typing, “Been a day of rest an relaxation, sorry twitter- hanging out with nappy headed hoes[.]” Some of Roth’s 30,000+ followers didn’t quite appreciate the quip and given his race, let him know exactly how they felt.

    Asher apologized via Twitter, but then the entire thread – including the original off color Tweet and the apology – were deleted. Some enterprising bloggers caught the Tweets and reposted them on their sites, which we’ve posted below. 


    What do you guys think? Did Asher Roth step over the line? Or are people making a big deal out of nothing? Speak on it! 

    Screen caps: Byron Crawford

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