Brothers in Arms

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    New school rappers/brothers The Knux chop it with about their debut album Remind Me in 3 Days (Interscope Records), moving from New Orleans to LA and who really runs the political game.–KIRSY POLANCO

    GIANT: Who are the Knux?

    Krispy Kream: Alvin Lindsey and Kintrell Lindsey, the Lindsey Brothers

    GIANT: Where does the name come from?

    Krispy Kream: We use to be the knuckleheads and everyone in the music industry – the Jewish guys use to say the “knucs”. So we said alright, we’d be the Knucs. Then cut it, hip-hop slang. You know you always have to cut your name in half.

    GIANT: What can listeners expect to hear from Remind Me in 3 Days?

    Rah Almillio: Expect to hear all sorts of stuff. They’re going to expect a whole gumble pie of all sorts of genre mixed into a hip-hop blunt.

    GIANT: What’s the next single off the album?

    Krispy Kream: We’re releasing two singles at once. One is a little more street funk rock and the next is a hip-hop party record. Like a old school party record – like a Naughty By Nature song.

    GIANT: What sets The Knux apart from the other new school rappers?

    Krispy Kream: The thing is, we’re totally original. We don’t watch TV. We don’t even know what’s going on in the world of radio and stuff. They can be playing “Bang Bang” on the radio and we don’t even know, we have no idea. We literally live in our own world. We try to do everything original and do what we want to do and not get influence in anything that’s not The Knux world.

    GIANT: How does going from New Orleans to LA affect your music?

    Krispy Kream: It affected more the turn of the album. Us musically, it really didn’t affect us. Because we were already mad open already because we grew up listening to all genres of music. I would definitely say the album is one of those LA style albums. Like the Red Hot Chili peppers album and Gun N’ Roses’ Appetite For Destruction. It’s one of those southern California type things, if you’re from LA your going to get it immediately. It’s a hip-hop soundtrack for Entourage. If you dudes from Entourage were to do an album this would be there album

    GIANT: Will you be touring on this record?

    Krispy Kream: Oh yeah, we’re on the road right now. We’ve been on the road for a year and a half. We’ve been moving.

    GIANT: How would you describe each other’s musical and fashion style?

    Krispy Kream: Al’s style is sick. The boy start things that I’ve never seen anybody do before, and the thing about it is he doesn’t even try. He literally wakes up and puts on whatever is on the side of his bed when he wakes up. It’s just clothes wrapped around under the bed, he’s juts like pulling pants from under the bed, like dude those are mustard stains on those jeans, he’ll put them on and next thing I seen some kids on the block with them-mustard on his jeans.

    GIANT: What’s in the future for the Knux?

    Krispy Kream: Acting. I don’t know if you’ve seen the one eyebrow trick I do at photo shoots, every video. I’m getting a lot of attention from the acting firms, so I’m in the talks of doing some things now, but i’m now going to say nothing.

    Rah Almillio: I’m actually writing movies right now.

    Krispy Kream: We actually started our own film production company and we’re probably in this next year or so going to release this indie film we just bought.

    GIANT: Who would you like to work with? Who do you look up to?

    Rah Almillio: Everybody. Jimi Hendrix, Prince, The Doors. I wish Jim Morrison was alive so we could do a song with him.

    GIANT: What’s on your iPod right now?

    Krispy Kream: A lot of people don’t know we’re into a lot straight forward rock, punk, new wave. I’ve been listening to The Romantics lately.

    Rah Almillio: I’ve been listening to The Ceasers a lot lately. They’re from Sweden.

    GIANT: Obama or McCain? And why?

    Krispy Kream: McCain all day. Nah, I’m just messing with you.

    Rah Almillio: Obama

    Krispy Kream: Obama

    Krispy Kream: His name starts with an “O” like Oprah

    Krispy Kream: To me, it really doesn’t matter. But Kirsy to me, I really don’t get into politics. We believe in – they’re going to kill me- but American politics is bullshit because Illuminati run it all.

    The Knux’s debut album Remind Me in 3 Days will be released on October 28, 2008 on Interscope Records.

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