Alicia Keys Looks Amazing, Like Ridiculously Good

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    Is it just me or is Alicia Keys looking absolutely incredible lately? Like, FLAWLESS. Check these shots from her concert in Poland. I mean, physically and follicularly-speaking she is ON. HER. GAME. Granted, she looks svelte in that spectacularly enviable/depressing way that looks attainable but isn’t (because you maybe sit at a desk for hours while working your way through many bags of enticing Doritos) but the part of this imagery that appeals to me most, is her styling. For the first time in a while, Alicia Keys looks comfortable. Compared to this:

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    Or this:

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    She looks pleased with her outfit. Like she feels sexy. Which makes me happy. And this sudden spike in morale makes me share my snacks with various coworkers. Which makes them happy. Which in turn makes me happy all over again. It’s like Pay It Forward. Except without Haley Joel Osment. And less weight gain and possible heart disease from replacing meals with chips. But before you go, here’s another reminder of what topped the otherwise above reproach head of Jada Pinkett-Smith at the premiere party of The Secret Life of Bees a week and change ago:

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    I mean…

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