Versace Turns Paper Into Gold

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    Is there anything more chic than a grand collision between the worlds of high fashion and contemporary art?

    With Versace set to sponsor the highly esteemed Whitney Museum of American Art Gala in New York this month, star- studded guests anticipate a magical experience, at the least. But, the true stars of the night are three one- of- a kind pieces of priceless jewelry, designed by three distinct world- renowned artists. Artist Wangechi Mutu painted two bleeding forearms with visible bones, which Versace then produced as jewelry in 24k gold. The result? A sickening pair of elbow- length, skeletal gold cuffs. Artists Julian Schnabel and Marc Quinn designed gold pendants inspired by an exotic deity and a woman’s mouth, respectively. While we’re still squirming to see the masterpieces born out of those sketches, we’re sure they will be stamped with the Versace spirit- bold style, decadence, and wearable art.

    Gold Arm Cuffs by Wamgechi Mutu

    Gold Arm Cuffs by Wangechi Mutu

    Wangechi Mutu Sketch

    Wangechi Mutu Sketch

    Julian Schnabel Sketch

    Julian Schnabel Sketch

    – Sydney Cannon



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