Shofolk vs. Kid Robot

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    Folk, the 7-year old Scottish menswear line, is for those who have an affection for tweed and trousers, who’d recognize a misstep in their knitwear’s stitching detail, and those who prefer a natural color palette to their moccasins. For these reasons, it seems unlikely that Folk would choose to affiliate itself with a brand that produces evil-eyed toys out of not-so-comfy vinyl. But if the “two heads are better than one” mantra does apply than the collaboration between Shofolk, the sister footwear brand, and Kid Robot, will create a fly limited-edition byproduct that only the premiere toy retailer could help sell. After all, as it’s website states, “once it’s sold out, it’s sold out forever.” Using Shofolk’s Alaric model, a slender low-top, the partnership created a saturated blue/gray color scheme. Complete with a rainbowed-font print taping running along the heel, it’s obvious that the shoe is fit for the urban man who is not afraid to rock a cardigan.DANIELLE CHEESMAN

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