Jade: A Diamond in the Rock

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    Everyone knows MIckey Factz from his Honda commercials and mixtapes but the upcoming star of the GFC (Get Fresh Crew) is defintiely Jade. Last night (July 14) at SOBs in New York, GFC brought out all of their artists for the Black Apple Tour including FKi, Stalley and the aforementioned Mickey Factz. The show was successful with non-stop bangers from DJ Treats and undeniable talent, but the under radar star was Jade.

    Clutching a sunflower and adorned in a white dress, the petite-framed singer wowed the crowed with her  powerhouse sound. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, the Puerto Rican songstress has a gift of creating an intoxicating state of numbness that not even an AA member could deny. In her EP, It’s My Heart, Cookie, the 23-year-old singer writes from the soul and decides to share a piece of it with her fans, one crumb at a time.

    From musical beginnings in the church (she does don the title of a pastor’s kid) to her first gig as a back up singer hitting the likes of Michael Jackson’s “I’m Not the One,” Jade has always followed her musical heart.

    “Music was the only thing I knew how to do. I wrote off the strength of myself,” she says after her pre-rehearsal. And with that strength Jade has continued in the success of her career. First graduating from known Fame school, LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts, signing to a production company and eventually to Pharell’s Star Trak, Jade views all her opportunities as “pivotal to her success.” Despite being viewed as “just a singer” on the label, the musician saw past the stumble and on to other things, joining her GFC family including artists such as Mickey Factz and Stalley.

    With a sound as diverse as Jade’s it’s difficult to simply peg her music into a specific genre. Maybe if a jambalaya including Deftones, a dash of Gwen Stefani and Madonna, and a sprinkle of Sade and Seal were added to the mix, you could then skim the surface of her music and taste a sample of her soul but classifying her eclectic sound is somewhere between measureless and rock pop soul. “My music comes from the soul element of passion. I can sing anything but it’s all about the words, the lyrics, the melody; that’s what creates the message,” she says.

    With childish antics such as the twirl of her hair to her wide-eyed expressions it seemed as if GFC had found their very own Alice in Wonderland. The beginning of her set was that out of a fairy-tale including intimate renditions of songs “Drown Me Out” and “He Needs Me” and on every song her sound entranced the audience and rattled from within. For the second half it was as if she had transitioned herself into a tribal warrior to deliver her more uptempo hits-war paint, harem pants and fierce make-up included. Whether singing in full blown alto or the softest soprano, Jade evoked passion as if she was battling a feud of emotion within herself, performing as if the sound, body and music were one.

    “I feel the stories. I want others to be entranced with my music like I am with others. Is that conceited of me?” she asks.

    Working on a promotional tour and and upcoming, yet-to-be-titlesd album, the sultry songstress with a hypnotizing power is willing to use her aural gift to bring pleasure to the willing.

    JADE promo from Mike Brown on Vimeo.

    -Felicia Kelley

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