"If It's Not Clean Enough to Put In Your Mouth…"

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    After I posted that drug commercial, Iliana immediately sent me this clip of PSA outtakes from the 80s, in which artists like Meat Loaf and Plasmatics lead Wendy O Williams (in the pic to the right) make light of keeping kids off drugs and other dirty objects…

    What makes this clip hysterical is that all of those artists, at some point or another, were so totally drunk or on drugs, and I’m pretty sure Wendy was loaded when she did this commercial.

    It also reminded me of that episode of Saved By the Bell when famous guy Johnny Dakota rounded up the Bayside High gang to do an anti-drug commercial, then smoked weed at a party he invited them to. Thinking he was wack and a liar, the Bayside crew got all shocked and left, then banned him from the commercial and did their own anti-drug TV spot instead which was, of course, wack. Check the clip below. It’s so Bayside High. And if they wanted to make it remotely realistic, Johnny Dakota could have at least taken a second puff before he passed, ya heard?

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