Jay, Kanye, and Rihanna “Run This Town”

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    The Dynasty, no not Ming but Shawn’s/ Dame, Kareem’s, it’s the gangsta team,” Jay once wrote, err freestyled, during his BP2 days when a sufficient winning formula was Jay the rapper and Dame Dash and Kareem Burke as the business behind the talent.

    Fast forward to ’09 and as Jay readies the follow-up, the new Roc trifecta consists of Jay, ‘Ye, and Rihanna. Simply, the stakes are that much higher—not only to deliver on the promise of the Blueprint franchise in terms of musical quality, but to also put out a radio-ready single that will push the album tremendously in hopes of recouping the $5 million Jay spent to release BP3 on his own terms, free of a recording contract.

    Hence, after the let-me-get-this-off-my-chest “D.O.A. [Death of Auto-Tune]” (a la “Takeover”), Hov delivers “Run This Town” (listen below). On her first record since the Chrianna drama, Ri Ri makes the track every bit hers as it is Jay’s, her voice the most prominent part of it. And Kanye—as is probably his M.O. anytime he’s on a track with Big Bro—cuts the swag talk, gets serious, and spits for his life.

    Overall, promising. But, just. Surely Hov has yet to play his ace card with an album this big.

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    Devin Chanda

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