Drake's Fallen and Can't Get Up, But Who's Taken A Harder Hit?

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    In light of Drake Drizzy Roger’s recent incident (he collapsed while performing on stage), GIANT has compiled a list of the worst celebrity falls. We all fall down, but who has fallen the hardest? Check who’s slip-up made the list…


    Performing her hit “Ring the Alarm” in Orlando, Florida, the Sasha Fierce diva took a tumble forward but picked herself up as if nothing had occurred. The tale of a true robot indeed.

    Jazmine Sullivan

    While doing her Naomi Campbell walk the songstress must have put a little too much emphasis in the hips because instead of strutting her stuff, she showed off her janitorial skills by mopping the floor with her face.

    Lil’ Wayne

    Maybe it was excitement or he believe he could magically fly, but whatever it was, Wayne should blame it on the styrofoam cup.

    Tyra Banks

    In her epic fail attempt to back away from a porcupine, instead Tyra backs it right up onto the floor. She could have a serious phobia but we are pretty sure she’s seen scarier things, models without makeup by chance?

    Method Man

    Joaquin Phoenix

    Amped after delivering the illest 16-bars, Joaquin decides to hype the crowd after his “performance.”

    Michelle Williams
    Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child takes a fall

    We all know the bond between the girls in Destiny’s Child has always been questionable but they didn’t even lend a helping hand during Michelle’s time of tragic embarrassment. Maybe Matthew Knowles should each a class on taking one for the team instead?

    Beanie Siegel

    Beanie Siegel should be the spokesperson for drumming while drunk, it may cause accidental falls.

    Carmen Electra

    Carmen knew she was working it in that dress, but what she ended up working was the floor. Less sass and more grace next time.


    Though the Toronto rapper was seriously injured during his fall (he broke another ligament in addition to tearing his ACL),  if Drake’s rapping career doesn’t blossom to its full potential he could always take up ice skating the way he skated across the stage with such grace.

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