Lost in Glimmering Shadows

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    FAILE, if you don’t know, is a two-man team working out of Brooklyn. This summer their work was included in Tate Modern’s “Street Art” exhibition, which was painted directly on the exterior of the massive venue (formerly a power plant) overlooking the Thames River. “It worked out really well because we were thinking of coming and bombing [the Tate] in the middle of the night a few months ago,” they said during the large-scale installation. “So, the fact that they asked us made it so much easier.” Other artists included Os Gemeos, Blu, Sixeart, Nunca and JR.

    Their latest UK show, “Lost in Glimmering Shadows,” is presented by the ever-fresh Lazarides Gallery. The show runs for only ten days, opening tonight and closing on November 16th. The location is an old schoolhouse in Kennington, but fret not, a map is provided.

    FAILE’s 2007 New York show (left) “Nothing Lasts Forever” was quite possibly the coolest out-of-the-white-box exhibitions in the city that year. The show lasted only one weekend in June, with a Chinatown address released on the day of the event. The installation was stunning, enabling a wholly different experience from passing their stencil work on a street corner.

    “Lost in…” will feature all new work on canvas and wood. This is a must-see show for all uninitiated.


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