Who Would Win In An Artist Smackdown?

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    With the rise of a new generation of artists, comes new competition. Artists compete head-to-head in all different categories for sales and records, but if there was ever a ful-fledged schoolyard scrap, which one of the new kids on the block would reign as king or queen of the playground? Check below to see which artists would be donned as champion. 


    Battle of the Soulful Songstresses: Chrisette Michele vs. Jazmine Sullivan 

    Both sexy ladies are powerhouses in the vocal department, but with Chrisette’s jazz and funk combination and Jazmine’s raspy range this neck-and-neck competition is one to be reckoned with. 

    Chrisette Michele: The New York native Epiphany woman has been in the business singing her heart out for some time making features on hip-hop classic albums such as LAX (The Game) and Kingdom Come (Jay-Z). With heartthrobs such as Drake and Pooch Hall making appearances in her videos, it’s clear the heartfilled bombshell has made a name for herself. 

    Jazmine Sullivan: Often compared to Lauryn Hill for her earthy tone and use of reggae-infused music, Jazmine took the world by storm proving how Fearless she was by threatening to “Bust the Windows” out of some guy’s car. 

    Champ: Chrisette Michele. Jazmine’s lyrics may appeal to hood chicks and psycho exes a mass audience, but it doesn’t hold weight to the Grammy winner’s soulful sound and inspiring voice. 


    Battle of the Emo Proteges: Kid Cudi vs. Drake

    Spitting conscious rap with an eccentric flow is how these two rappers have created a lane of their own. With mentors such as Kanye and Lil’ Wayne, both rappers are bound to dominate.


    Kid Cudi: Weighing in as Kanye’s newest protege of G.O.O.D. Music, this martian has had the airwaves buzzing with hits such as “Make Her Say” and “Day ‘N’ Nite.” On his upcoming album Man on the Moon: End of Day, scheduled to be released September 15th, Cudi plans to take his fans beyond this galaxy. 

    Drake: From performing at the BET awards, canoodling with style mavens such as Rihanna and Teyana Taylor and making headlines off the success of his mixtape So Far Gone, there’s no doubt that Drake has the public’s attention. But is his buzz bigger than his bite?

    Champ: Drake. Who knows if Drake is over-hyped, but with the entertainment industry at his beckon call we know for sure he has the ball in his court. 


    Battle of the Singers With Swag: Keri Hilson vs. Rihanna

    These style mavens are not only fashionistas in Hollywood but are also making a killing in the industry with their undeniable charisma. 


    Keri Hilson: The “fly as hell, swagga right, brown skin poppin” diva has been writing in the shadows for some of your favorite artists but has finally decided to shine in the light solo. Touring off of buzz created from In A Perfect World, the Georgia Peach not only has sex appeal, but knows what to do, both, in the booth and out of the booth.

    Rihanna: She’s no Whitney Houston, but your girl knows how to drum out a banger. With her feature on “Run This Town” with Kanye and Jay, we wonder what this bad girl has in store for her next album. She may not have the raw talent, but Rih has that unexplainable “It” factor that draws a crowd.

    Champ: Keri Hilson. Rihanna may have Jay and the style game in her back pocket, but nothing compares to Keri’s knowledge and experience in the game..


     Battle of the Seductive Crooners: Trey Songz vs. Mario

    They may not pop lock like Chris Brown but they have the grown and sexy seduction game on lock. 


    Trey Songz: In the land before braids, there was doubt that Trey could be the sexy seducer that he is today, but instead of showing up, he’s shown out. Beasting remixes and making appearances on tracks, Trey has managed to stay relevant, without being over-exposed.

    Mario: Mario has had a rollercoaster of success in the industry, with hi’s and lo’s, and hits and misses. Though underrated, Mario consistently proves that he has the talent to stay in the game.

    Champ: Trey. He’s on his grind and has moved up into the bigger leagues, taking jabs at R&B heavyweights like R. Kelly. Give this crooner three years and he’ll be dominating both chicks and charts.

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