Beyonce's Girl-On-Girl Action Tops GIANT A-List

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    These A-listers can’t keep themselves out of the public. Find out which celebs are making headlines and have made todays GIANT list…

    1. Beyonce: We can’t get enough of her! Other than “Posion” being leaked Bey has also signed on for some lesbi-honest action in a new film “Tipping the Velvet” about a lesbian love affair. Beyonce seems to be breaking out of Papa Knowles’ mold and taking notes from her free-spirited sister Solange.

    2. Drake: After months of singing “Successful,” he’s finally given us a glimpse of what’s to come in the video featuring Trey Songz. Looks like Drake’s knee may be even strong enough for some two-stepping in the video.

     3. R. Kelly: R. Kelly just won’t give up. We know the Piped Piper is considered the King of R&B but is making songs such as “Pregnant” really in his best interest? Kellz has also released the track-listing and album cover for his latest baby making soundtrack. 

    4. Kanye West: For always expanding his resume. The producer-turned-rapper-turned-designer-turned-fashion-intern is now acting in “We Were Once a Fairytale,” a short-film collabo with Spike Jonze.

    5. Fabolous: Fabolous has really been on his grind. Not only riding off the success of Loso’s Way but Fab has also inked a deal with Reebok. Check some video footage while on set here

    6. Barack Obama: Just for acknowledging Sidney Poitier for all of his work. Would this have happened if John Mccain was president? 

    7. Dwayne Johnson: We pray the “Rock” can overcome his newest opponent, diabetes.

    8. Kid Cudi: The martian has managed to make news once again, releasing the artwork for his upcoming album. He’s also on the cover of the latest URB. 

    9. Amerie: Though her album has been pushed back once again, Amerie knows how to rock a mean pair of pumps in her Elle Magazine photoshoot. 

    10. Bun B: For still making good music after the death of Pimp C. He’s even taken the philanthropic route my helping Ginuwine revive that pathetic career of his on his new “Trouble” track





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