Hermaphrodites On the Rise

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    With the buzz surrounding South African runner Caster Semenya’s sexuality and Lady Gaga’s ongoing hermaphrodite debacle, we figured we’d create a GIANT list of other prospects that might be swinging and tucking both parts. Whether they are just victims of a mean camel toe or simply have man-ish features, we wouldn’t be surprised if these celebs came out to disclose  their sexual orientation…


    1. Keyshia Cole:


    Yes, Keysh has cleaned up nicely in the past couple of years but check the photos of her before her glamorous makeup. Her constant man problems warrant question as to why she doesn’t have the best luck with men.


    2. Lil’ Mama:


    Has anyone ever heard Lil’ mama speak? Other than the fact that she claims that she’s simply a “hood chick” that was raised from around the way, Lil’ Mama sure does know how to rock a pair of baggy jeans and a mug that can scare the masses.

    Cinerama Dome

    3. Nicki Minaj:


    Pictures are worth a thousand words. In spite of her open likeness for women and numerous “girl crushes,” Minaj seems to be hanging a little lower than normal in her Lil’ Kim remake.


    4. Amber Rose:


    Yes, Ms. Rose is as voluptuous as they come, but is she overcompensating for something by always being scantily clad and overtly sexy? Ye has been rumored to swing the other way and really, who else can rock a mean Caesar?


    5. Ciara:


    Ci Ci wanted to be “Like A Boy,” proved to the world that her “Goodies” were something that everyone desired but all of her pop-lock and booty shaking doesn’t convince me that she doesn’t share the gene for both sexes. Scrap the make-up and long weaves, the question still ponders if she shares both parts.


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