The Brooklyn Circus: GIANT Style Under One Tent

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    Brooklyn Circus is the true definition of street style and urban influence with stores located in New York, San Fransisco and Chicago. BKc is not only a clothing line that is changing urban streetwear as we know it but is combining avant-garde colorways and specific details into creating a lifestyle. With inspiration from Ralph Lauren, vintage clothing, and music and culture from everything under the sun, this brand is on the horizon of greatness and will surely be the “show” that everyone will be watching. GIANT recently caught up with one of the circus crew and discussed everything from humble beginnings to their quest in becoming the definition of fresh, city style. The dynasty of the brand has just begun, collaborating with G-Shock and Fila, to name a few but BKc is destined to be in the forefront of upcoming elements of style.


    GIANT: First, tell us the story behind the name, “Brooklyn Circus.”

    BKc: We believe Brooklyn is the center of New York and a major center in the world as far as fashion, style and creativity. It’s truly a cultural hub and a microcosm of the world. In this borough alone, over 220 languages are spoken. We coined the term “circus” because it is the only place where talented individuals who have different interests, and representations can perform a clear, wonderful “show” under one tent. The Brooklyn Circus (BKc) team alone represents Grenada, Haiti, Japan, Guyana, Sweden, Seattle and more. We vary in ethnic backgrounds, cultures and languages yet at the end of the day, we come together to create good fashion and promote a great lifestyle. Being minorities (African-American and Caribbean) we wanted to tell our story and show fashion, culture, power and movement by means of fashion and books etc.

    GIANT: What led to the Brooklyn Circus transition from an urban street style to a more tailored collection?

    BKc: Our definition of urban is different from what the fashion industry dictates. We believe in fashion and function. Living in the inner (urban) city, it is common to ride the trains, go to barbeques, ride bikes etc. so your clothing should be comfortable enough to go around freely yet maintaining a true sense of style. Ouigi Theodore (founder of BKc) was a sneaker head and the collection was in that direction of fun, pop and the style of the streets. People started getting saturated in the same styles therefore a change was necessary. We still have our previous street essence but now with better presentation and representation.


    GIANT: What is your goal five years from now?

    BKc: We do not have a 5-year but rather a 100-year plan. The main mission is to progress and continue creating unique and long-lasting products. We have major future plans such as the creation of a new coffee table book, starting mentoring programs throughout the community and strengthening the cut and sewn aspect of our brand by introducing more. We are introducing men pocketries and items such as shaving creams, lotions, soaps etc. We see more destination stores, a women’s line, a children’s line and books. We don’t want to become a corporate chain where you can find a million of our stores on every corner but we want to become a desired location. Like when you’re in New York you have to come to the BKc in Brooklyn because you know there’s a limited amount of them around. We want to have that rare quality.

    GIANT: Name some staple pieces and elements of style of a BKc man.

    BKc: A BKc man wears classic clothing incorporating unique items that add elements of youth and pop. There are various ways to do so such as decorating the wrist (bracelets and handkerchiefs), a beautiful ring, good pair of rolled denim/khakis, classic shoes (desert boots, Converses, loafer), tee with strong detail, fabric wrapped around the bicep, hat (fedora, paperboy cap) and a vintage belt.

    GIANT: Who is the Brooklyn Circus’ target audience?

    BKc: A traveling man or woman that is open to new things, willing to experiment clothing, well read/cultured example, goes to shows and concerts. Our goal is trying to create great day-to-day wear. We want people to wake up, go to work, go to dinner, then go out for the night and be well dressed for the entire day without going home and changing. Even with the elephants as our logo, we want to represent nurturing guidance by helping with the transition of boys to men through culture and by bringing new character and lifestyle.

    -Ozzie Reid and Felicia Kelley

    The Brooklyn Circus

    150 Nevins Street

    Brooklyn, NY 11217


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