If Aaliyah Didn't Pass Away, Would We Even Need Ciara?

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    We all know that today marks the eight year anniversary of Aaliyah’s death. She was on top of her game when she passed and had just released the best album of her career. Aaliyah was not only a singer, but a dancer, actress and model. After she passed a young talent sprang upon the scene named Ciara, who was also a dancer, actress and model.

    There have been innumerable comparisons between the two, some have gone so far as to say Ciara is completely swagger-jacking the late Aaliyah. They both worked with Missy Elliot, they were both petite, had long hair, soft voices, went through a phase of baggy jeans and sweat pants, and both have that killer dance instinct.

    So the question is: If Aaliyah were alive today, would Ciara have a chance at a successful music career?

    Check the ladies battle it out in the video below…

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