5 Celeb Styles You Shouldn't Try At Home

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    Let’s face it, celebs are often ahead of us when it comes to rocking the latest styles. But that doesn’t mean it’ll look good on the rest of us. Some celeb fashion should really just be privy to a few ‘special’ folk. We’ve rounded up a few celeb fashions that are definitely in the ‘do-not-try-this-at-home’ category.

    Acid Wash Jeans
    Teyana Taylor is working real hard to bring this style back. And we say, ‘meh’. The sight of acid wash jeans still conjures up scary memories of Vanilla Ice and neon ‘crazy laces’, and who wants to go back there?


    A few dudes got a little too inspired by women and their cut-off leggings. So, like Omarion (pictured here with Chris Brown and Polow da Don), they’re joining in the party and rocking meggings, as in ‘man-leggings’. But seriously, are couples gonna be borrowing each others leggings now?

    We always thought onesies were reserved for babies and Broadway musicals. We can’t help wanting to put a bib on Lady Gaga. And while we’re at it, girl, it must be a mission to go to the potty in those?

    The idea of rocking your boyfriend’s oversized shirt has always been cute…in the movies. But this season celebs like Vanessa Hudgens are taking it to the street. All we have to say is, girl, GO put your pants on y’all.

    Voluptiuos girls need not apply for this look. Rihanna can pull it off because, well, she’s Rihanna.


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