The Most Ridiculous Rap Beefs

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    If T-Pain’s circus buffoonery wasn’t enough, how about him coming at Jigga to tickle your fancy? It has been revealed via Fabolous’ twitter that Mr. Pain was taking shots at Jay’s (old) age. It might be Jay’s “DOA” track that got the ball rolling, but sorry T-Pain, if your’re not Nas, then don’t try your luck.

    In this matchup there’s no contest. 

    Winner: Jay-Z


    T-Pain vs. Jay-Z

    T-Pain at Rehab in Los Vegas:

    2. Eminem vs. Mariah & Nick

    Eminem Vs Mariah & Nick

    Eminem vs. Mariah & Nick


    Eminem may be lyrically devastating but Mariah embarrassed him in the “Obsessed” video (Come on, he got hit by a bus!). Slim Shady tried to save face by coming back at  at Mariah and Mr. Canon but at least Nick can last in the bedroom.

    Winner: Mariah

    Eminem-“The Warning”

    3. Nelly vs. KRS-1


    KRS-1 vs. Nelly

    KRS-1 vs. Nelly

    Nelly a.k.a Dr. Seuss wouldn’t understand lyrical content if it slapped off his Band-Aid. Good thing this beef didn’t get onto the Jay-Z and Nas level or Nelly may not even have a career. 

    Winner: Nelly

    KRS-1- “Ova Here” (Nelly Diss)

    Nelly- “Roc The Mic Remix”(KRS-1 Diss)


    4. Suge Knight vs. Diddy

    Diddy vs. Suge Knight

    Diddy vs. Suge Knight


    Whether it be about East Coast vs. West Coast, or Biggie vs. 2 Pac, these two have gone back and forth for years. Suge Knight has bullied and patronized Puff since 94′. Suge recently got knocked the f*ck out by some barber dude and hasn’t been seen since. Good for Diddy,now he can dance in his artist’s video all he wants!

    Winner: Diddy


     Suge Knight at the Source Awards (94′)


    5. Kanye vs. The Paparazzi

    Kanye vs. The Paparazzi

    Kanye vs. The Paparazzi

     Three words Kanye. GET OVER IT! The paparazzi have been here before, and will be here after you.

    Winner: Paparazzi ( They don’t quit!) 


    Kanye vs. Paparazzi

    6.  50 Cent vs. Everyone


    50 Cent vs. Everyone




    50 cent has no life and too much money, period point blank! If he isn’t coming at someone’ throat then he’s making mediocre songs about getting money. He used to be hot but not even his current beef with um…. everyone can bring back his career.

    Winners: Lil’ Wayne, Jadakiss, and Rick Ross

    50 vs. Fat Joe & The Game

    Young Buck Crying

    50 vs. Ja Rule

    50 vs. Jadakiss

    Pimpin Curly (50 Cent) vs. Rick Ross

    50 vs. Nas

    50 vs. Lil’ Wayne

    7. Vida Guerra vs. The Game


    Vida Guerra vs. The Game

    Really, Game you couldn’t touch Vida with a ten foot pole! There are plenty of good rappers she could mess with if she wanted to get to the top. What foolishness were you trying to pull?

    Winner: Vida Guerra

    (Game Diss)

     “Wouldn’t Get Far” (Vida Diss)

    Bonus Round: Hmm…You know what battle I’d like to see… Jimmy vs. Rick (The kid that put him in a wheelchair on Degrassi)

    Winner: Kick his ass Drake!


    Rick vs. Drake

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