Chris Brown vs. Omarion: Who Would Win In A Dance-Off?

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    When it comes down to Chris Brown and Omarion, it is common knowledge that: 1) both men aren’t at the top of the list for their singing; 2) both men look sexy as hell with their shirts off, and 3) they both have a tremendous female following (maybe Chris has a little less). But, if we placed O and CB center stage in a grueling battle of a dance-off to get their careers back, who would win? 


    In the Black-and-Blue corner:
    Name: Christopher Maurice Brown, Better Known As “Chris Brown”
    Date of Birth: May 5, 1989
    Height: 6’2″ 
    Birthplace: Tappahannock, Virginia
    Stats: Platinum recording artist, dancer, and actor.    


    In the Pink corner:
    Name: Omari Ismael Grandberry, Better Known As “Omarion”
    DOB: November 12, 1984
    Height: 5’7″
    Birthplace: Inglewood, California
    Stats: Grammy-nominated R&B singer, actor, songwriter, record producer, dancer, and former lead singer of B2K.

    Let the battle begin…      

    Round 1:”Touch” vs.”Run It”         

    Whooo that was a close one, I don’t know man that tippy toe move was on point O, and Chris you were krumping like your life depended on it…Both of the leading ladies kicked ya’ll a** though.

    Round 2: “Ice Box” vs. “Gimmie That”

    Why is your mouth open throughout the whole video Chris—weird?! With the precision and complexity of “Ice Box”, O you got that one but I could of done without Solange.

    Round 3: Freestyling


    vs. Chris Brown

    If I have to see Chris Brown krump again, I will throw my computer screen. O definitely washs Chris in freestyling…

    Round 4: Acting
    You Got Served vs. Stomp The Yard

    O…you cant act for sh*t, I have to give it to you CB. Chris, your krumping may have saved you…this time!

    And the winner is…Omarion.

    You may disagree with me, but it’s evident that both men can bust down a routine, but when it comes to freestyling, Omarion got it. In the real world of dance—like out on the streets—choreography doesn’t cut it.It’s about free movement, improv, and your flow. Chris may be able to “Take you Down”  but O takes the cake…

    By the way…


    Who would you hit? 

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