Hip-Hop's Worst Low Budget Videos

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    Continuing on last week’s post on the best low-budget clips, GIANT has decided to also give you a quick rundown on the worst offenders in straight-to-World Star exploits. After all, it’s a lot more fun goin’ off on craptasticness than it is to give props, right?

    Busta Rhymes, “Arab Money”

    Rik Cordero might be the master of the cheap video, but here he decided to go a bit bigger, with green-screen overkill, resulting in the most ridiculous looking trip to Arabia since Aladdin’s stereotype-filled journey.

    French Montana’s Videography (minus “New York Minute”)

    “Welcome To The Breadshop” featuring various weedcarriers

    It’s hard to decide whether this is the worst video ever… or the greatest. The concept was simple: stick Frenchie and the homies in a kitchen and let them throw flour on each other. Yet, they still find a way to raise the bar for ignorance, with Hennessey coming out of the papas fritas fryer and Frenchie rockin’ stove mittens. Even Jiffy gets some shine.

    “Plenty Money”

    Take “Plenty Money,” for instance which passes off some dude filming Frenchie, Dame Grease, and the rest of the Coke Wave doing much of nothing, with some stupid scribble flashing across the screen to give it that grimey effect.

    Oh yeah, Free Max B.

    Charles Hamilton, “November 10th

    If you want proof of why Charles Hamilton is the lamest rapper since ever, well here it is, with this made-for-Disney ode to Sonic and friends.

    Juelz Santana and Skull Gang, “What You Reppin'”

    The textbook shitty rap video:  cats walking around, waving money with their leased whips. Jordan Tower at his best.

    THROWBACK: 50 Cent, “Heat”

    Classic track, cool concept. But I guess this was made before the money started piling in for Fif.

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