Opinion: Why Taylor Swift Should Be Thanking Kanye

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    Sure Kanye West is a huge  a**hole, and sure he has the biggest ego in hip-hop but without him, things tend to get a little boring. His outburst at this years Video Music Awards was the highlight of the night, and even though he embarrassed/ disrespected poor Taylor, I think its safe to say that he also gave her career a little boost. Watch what happened:

    Now, check out some of the reasons why Taylor should thank him:

    1. She got to share the stage with Beyonce, that’s a once in a lifetime oppurtunity.


    2. We actually watched her VMA performance, even if it was to see if she could make it through it without crying.

    3. Thanks to Kanye she’ll always have a spot at Music World Entertainment (Matthew Knowles record label-founded in 2003).


    4. After ratings soared out the roof for this years VMA’s, you better believe Taylor Swift will be sitting in the front of every award show next year.


    5. Thanks to Kanye, people took the chance to use the word n*gger and get away with it.(Actually this wasn’t a good thing, this set us back a couple of years/ lifetimes, Kanye.)


    So as we can see there have been some feelings hurt and statements made from Mr. West, but I can’t help but look at how much his controversy benefits everyone who was involved. Beyonce is ever more of an angel, Taylor Swift looks like a goddess, and Kanye made every single news headline.

    Hmm…coincidence, I think not!

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