9 Slept On R&B Albums That Should've Kept You Awake…

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    So, Mariah Carey’s album released yesterday. WTF?! Yeah I don’t even think she knew. That leads us to think about other slept on R&B albums. We all have them, the albums that we put on and let play from beginning to end. They make us cry, smile, reflect and sometimes, even horny. The LP’s are so good that you want to single-handily buy a million copies so they can go platinum. You may ask what are the requirements for being labeled a slept on album, so here they are:
    1. The artist’s other albums outshined the one that made this list.
    2.No one bought the album.
    3.No one knew about it to buy the album. 

    These following albums are at the top of my list, how about yours?

    9.Dangerously In Love- Beyonce:

    The BEST Beyonce album ever! Forget that gimmicky “Put A Ring On It.” Dangerously In Love was pure R&B without the raunchiness, and the scam. You could make love to these tracks all night, wake up in the morning and bump it while cleaning the house. Great Stuff!


    8.Rated Next:- Next

    If you don’t know about Next then you’ve been listening to mainstream radio too long. Next came out with “Hard For Me.” Still don’t remember? Well, download a little something called “Butta Love” and “Taste So Good.”


    7.Pandemonium- B2K:

    Ok, bear with me here. B2K may have been teeny-boppers, but lyrics, looks and voices transcend age groups. Listen to track number 8- “Everything,” let it marinate, then let the entire CD play from beginning to end.


    6.Unpredictable-Jamie Foxx:

    Jamie Foxx is hilarious, handsome, a thespian and a father. How could he not he make a popping R&B album? He’s been singing and playing the piano since the Jamie Foxx Show. Unpredictable is the perfect title. He let loose some guaranteed panty-droppers. Listen to “Do What It Do…”


    5.Lessons In Love-Lloyd

    You would think after the hit “You” that Lloyd would be on his way to stardom, but the limelight shines dimly on him. Lessons In Love is a beautiful smooth album. He may not be the oldest, but his lessons were just as good as any old timer. Listen to “Year Of The Lover.”



    Ashanti may not be the best singer, but she can write her a** off. And, that was enough to create an album older women and youngsters would love. With songs like “Foolish,” “Movies” and “Happy,” the album brought back a vibe that was missing at the time of its release.


    3.One In A Million- Aaliyah

    First and foremost, R.I.P Aaliyah, and thank you for such a lovely album. Her vocals were angelic and her style was unforgettable. In this transition album from tom-boy to sex symbol, Aaliyah set the standard high for R&B females. She could dance and make hits. Listen to “One In A Million.”


    2.100% Ginuwine- Ginuwine

    Ginufine, I mean Ginuwine is more than a sexy face. His voice is sensual, smooth, and strong. He isn’t flamboyant or prissy, he’s a manly man with the 6-pack to prove it. This is one of the greatest R&B albums of all time (Yeah I said it!). Play every song from beginning to end. Pay attention to “All Nite All Day.”


    1. Where I Wanna Be- Donell Jones

    If you you haven’t heard “Where I Wanna Be,” then you have been living under the ugliest rock ever. You can not call yourself an R&B lover if you haven’t heard this. Pull up a chair and just listen to the instruments of his soul and his unique voice, and the beats and lyrics. You’ll be shocked that artists even dare come out with the blasphemy they do now!


    What do you think???

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