Before the Ice, Cash and Fame

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    Once upon a time some of our favorite celebs were getting their Trey Songz on and “just trying to make it”. While now it seems like all they do is show up and take pictures, grab awards and have Twitter fights, they used to be putting in over time trying to secure a top spot. Like a wise man once said, everything that happens to some one is like an ingredient that has shaped the present, so lets check out what these stars were cooking up before the good life.

    The LV Don GAP Don














    Before he was the LV Don, he was falling into the GAP and using his skills to fold some good ol’ creased khakis. Usually having retail experience teaches you valuable communication skills and patience but I guess ‘Ye was much to creative to be working in a stock room talking about t-shirts for the contempo casual crowd. Some where in the midst of making “five beats a day for three summas” it looks like Yezzy was spending some quality time at the mall. Good thing all of his hard work paid off because I don’t know about you, but I would hate for Kanye to roll up on me and tell the cashier that while my khakis look good on me they would look better on Beyonce because she deserves the reasonably priced merchandise more than me!  The GAP has the best khakis of all time…of ALLL TIME!

    Lights! Camera! Canada!








    For all of you Canadian television/Nickelodeon lovers Drizzy Drake was dealing with teen drama up north on Degrasi before he got in the studio with every one’s favorite baby daddy Lil wayne. And he has no shame in his pre-rap hustle game, because he repps for it on his track Ransom, “I’m the same yellow boy that used to play up on Degrasi can pocket 20 thousand to be anywhere they ask me…” Good thing Wanye is a fan of the Nick Jr. because now Drake is So Far Gone and making moves on the Billboard charts and rapping with the best MCs in the game.

    Checkers Isn’t Just a Board Game










    While Mr. Nash is now a big time executive, his humble beginnings prove that his stage name is well deserved. Before the writer/producer/singer was The Dream, he was apart of the fast food nation cooking up burgers and fries at Checkers. Even though The Dream was specializing in speedy eats, his rise to the top was not as fast. Long hours and thousands of fries later he put the spatula down, picked up the pen and wrote hits like “Umbrella” for Rihanna and “Single Ladies” for Beyonce. Ummm the sweet tast of success.

    In Good Spirits










    Before she was crying about Jodi doing her wrong, learning that “its hard out here for a pimp” and giving motherly advice to Benjamin Button, Taraji P. Henson was singing and dancing as a server in the Country’s Capital on the Sprit of Washington Dinner train. Not only was she warming up her vocal chords on the rail road, she also worked as a secretary in the pentagon. This leading lady has played several different roles in life and on the silver screen. Looks like her diverse employment experiences were good prep work for all of her staring roles.

    Some Quality Cardio












    Before she was gracing runways, magazines and Kanye’s beloved arm Ms. Rose was making it do what it do in the gentlemen’s world. While pole dancing is considered a great work out, this former video vixen was getting them Benjamin’s . All her moves paid off and landed her top dollars to hang out in her birthday suite alongside her man in a LV add. Now Amber Rose is becoming an icon for her skin tight numbers and space glasses to match. You can’t tell this lady that all those singles don’t add up to a whole lot of success.

    For those of you who don’t believe that hard work pays off these celebs can give you a little extra pep in your step as you make your way to work. While stripper poles, fast food joints and retail establishments are no one’s dream jobs, its clear to see that you can make it past the minimum wage and make your way to center stage. So on your way to clock in, make sure you have your paparazzi shades ready, you never know when you will make your super star debut and come up on a Kanye just like Amber.

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