Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: Best Song Remakes

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    Even though P.Diddy claims that he invented the remix, he did not invent the remake. There is nothing fresh about the idea of sampling songs, but we have found a list of artists that created songs as good, if not better than the original. Like the saying goes, there is nothing new under the sun, and when it comes to our favorite artists we are glad that they too appericiate the sentiment of embracing a blast from the past. By borrowing some of the magic from yesteryear and adding something special to the exsisting songs, they recreate musical must-haves and re-introduce them to our rotation. Here is a list of ten songs that stand out but are in no particular order.

    Steph Jones: “LaLa”


    This remake of the Delfonics Lala means I love you puts a unique spin on the break up to make up fad. Not only does Lala mean I love you, but according to Steph Jones it means you can press the replay button, start over and come back better than before. Good thing Steph Jones came along in order to remind us that all it takes to get things back on track is a lil Lala and some familiar faces,places, and tunes. Next time you want to get your girl back, don’t spring for flowers, go back to the basics and turn your speakers up so you can remind her that “you were never just another dude”. Afterwards be sure to thank the Delfonics and Steph Jones for making things easy for you.

    Kanye West: “Through the Wire”


    Before the auto tune, Amber rose and all the heart break, Kanye was making music that’s fire and spitting his soul through the wire, literally. After his car accident in October 2002 he went to the studio so the world could feel his pain. This was the debut single from his classic freshman album College Dropout. Kanye may be many things, but he knows his music and who better than to help him find out how to spit through the wire than some one who has been through the fire? With the extra star power of Chaka Khan Kanye’s single stayed on the charts for 22 weeks.

    Jay-Z: “Show Em What You Got”


    Even Mr. H.O.V himself can use a little inspiration from those who graced the hip-hop charts before him. Being number one comes with its fair set of challenges, including some major hatin’ from those who are always gunning to take the top spot. Its no wonder Jay decided to take notes from Public Enemy and borrow their track to give a shout out to all those who provoked him to come out of his short lived retirement. Jay told every one to give tha drummer some, but his whole song was a shout out to Flav and his throwback crew, if you ever want to show some one what you got, just remake their song.

    Alicia Keys: “Girlfriend”


    While there have been blogs and twitters galore dubbing Ms.Keys as a home wrecker, I am pretty sure anyone has yet to call her an Ol’ Dirty Bastard. But if you do your home work, then you would know that she might not take offense and instead feel honored. Her hit single “Girlfriend” has ODB’s “Brooklyn Zoo” to thank. It seems that Alicia has some Ms.Cleo psychic powers and was writing “Girlfriend” from the future perspective of  Swizz beatz soon to be ex-wife. I hope that her ability to predict the future via lyrics doesn’t come back on her in the form of Karma.

    The Fugees: “Killing Me Softly “


    Most of the time “Killing” has such a negative connotation but in 1996 every one wanted a brotha with a nice voice to kill them softly when this song hit the radio. Thank goodness for Roberta Flack because her song inspired the Fugess to give new life to the idea of dying for love. Although Wyclef reminds the listeners that being killed softly can only occur one time (one time) this song was in heavy rotation and introduced the world to Lauyrn Hill’s killer talent.

    NWA: “Express Yourself”


    NWA might have had an attitude problem but they took notes from one of the greats and saw the genius in identifying self expression. Charles Wright gave the NWA crew and the rest of the world some great advice and encouraged everyone, to speak up, stand out and Express Yourself. The young West Coasters call out hypocrisy, drug usage and corruption. Even with all the negative feelings “gangster rap” was stirring up back in the day,CD breaking and all, NWA came out with a positive message. After all, the world is stage, so EXPRESS YOURSELF!

    LLoyd: “You”


    Lloyd makes loyalty sound so good. Ladies, you know that if Lloyd is checking for you, even if your home girl is fine too, he’ll still want you. Since infidelity is not on Lloyd’s agenda,even with all of the eye candy running around in Atlanta, it seems that Lloyd either knows his history or enjoys Adam Sandler movies. Lloyd or some one in his camp studied up and took notes from the 80s band Spandau Ballet to make a hot single that his lady friend would be happy to make Street Love too.

    Miarah Carey: “I Remember”


    Memory lane is one of the best roads to travel. Mrs. Canon is teaming up with T-Pain to make nostalgia the hottest musical necessity for fall 2009. So new in fact, that we can only hear a snippet. Full song or not, Mimi is giving a nod to the one hit wonder Ahmad with his west coast classic Back in the Day. Although I can’t really picture Mimi rockin some chucks, khakis and a flannel shirt, her remake of the song seems like a winner. Its always important to look forward, but thinking about how things were back in the day can be a fun past time.

    Lupe Fiasco: “Fire”


    Run-DMC tapped into the genius of the rock and rap combo in the 80’s and Lupe is smart enough to follow suite. Even though playing with fire can get you burned, Lupe is standing right next to it and extinguisher or not, it’s working out well for him. Taking his musical ques from the late great Jimi Hendrix’s Fire, Lupe seems to be aiming high and showing off his rock star power. Cliche as it is to say something is hot when discussing fire, this song is indeed blazing… fire and all.

    Drake: Lets Call it Off


    Well, there is something to be said for honesty. I guess if you are dating Drake, one thing is for sure, he will let you know what’s on his mind. If you are trying his patience he will be sure to let you know he can’t effing stand you. Heart break Drake must be a good poker player because if nothing else, he sure knows when to fold ’em. At least Drake cannot take full blame for his quick draw relationship approach, Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong came up with this strategy first. Calling it quits is never easy but at least you can thrown in the towel with some good tunes on in the background.

    Vintage is not just a good look for trendy clothes, its a good fit when it comes to music too. When attempting to create quality songs what better way to ensure a good out come then trying something thats already worked out well. While newness is always encouraged every once in a while an oldie but goodie can be just what artists need to get those creative juices flowing.

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