So Icy: An Ode to Diamonds

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    There are not many things in our current economy that are recession proof, but the ice on a chain can outlast any tough time. Although talking about ice, bling, freeze or whatever else people are coming up with to call their beloved girl’s and guy’s best friend is now a dying fad, it is fun to look back on the good times. When musicians had nothing else to talk about expect the temporary blindness they incurred as a result of their jewelry addiction, fans were wishing for the Robin Leech lifestyle with a few cold pebbles to match. Although denial is usually not a good look, we are going to take some time to flip the bird to this recession and talk about the best songs that rep for unnecessary extravagance in addition to giving a nod to the cold weather thats on its way. Ice talk can bring a smile to any one’s face.

    Repping the Ice for Love

    Teairra Mari:Diamonds


    Teairra Mari proves that talking about bling isn’t all superficial. She wants to love her man just as much as she treasures her diamonds because after-all,they are forever. This former ROC princess used to throw her diamonds in the sky with Jay. Even though she has switched labels she made sure to bring along her love for the ice. If bling can bring you closer to your man, why not shine and love at the same time?

    Longevity Matters

    Kanye West: Diamonds Are Forever


    Kanye’s book is not the only thing he owns that will Glow in the Dark. Known for being quite the fashionisto, he is never one to be without essential accessories and we all know that Yezzy loves his multiple diamond incrusted Jesus pieces. It’s common knowledge that diamonds are forever but Kanye made it a point to dedicate a full 3 minutes and 33 seconds to his VVS lifestyle. And it turns out that bling is also representative of the enduring success of the ROC label his diamonds represent. His diamonds are alive every-time he rhymes and with that said, no one’s bling can top the everlasting iciness of Kanye’s freezy power.

    Flirting with Ice
    Fabolous: Diamonds in My Damn Chain


    If you can’t get girls at least you know once you come up on some diamonds you will be able to pull a few. Fab makes a case for blinging your way to love lust. According to Loso, if you want a good chain of events don’t leave the house without bling in toe. Dating can be awkward and meeting girls in the club can be a tricky task, but trust fellas, if you do like your boy, Fab and get real icey the ladies will start relaxing. Diamonds might not be the key to a lasting relationship, but they are the key to loose women cooperating in the club.

    Keeping it Simple

    Smitty: Diamonds on my Neck


    Smitty is not exactly a word smith, but he is explaining all the varied activities he is able to participate in while having diamonds on his neck – which can be positive. This song illustrates bling’s ability to work well in all kinds of unique and compromising situations. Diamonds do not have elastic qualities but the flexibility concerning the moments where they are appropriate can translate into almost anything as Smitty demonstrates. I guess he is keeping it simple and letting the ice speak for itself here. Guess you can’t knock the hustle.

    Lil’ Kim: Diamonds


    The Queen B is taking her royal status to the head on this song. It seems that she has some pretty specific demands in terms of her gentleman callers. According to the Notorious K.I.M the only thing better than money is diamonds. Along with the bling this song gives a laundry list of other outrageous high priced items she expects from her male company. Its surprising that she had time to make that long list in the middle of accusing every rapper for copying her eternal love Biggie Smalls (even though she pretty much re-raps all his hot lines in ALL of her songs). Maybe Kim and Fab should get together, he has the bling to meet her Diamond standard.

    A Smile on the Rocks
    Nelly: Grillz


    Forget  working hard or balling on a budget, just follow Nelly’s advice, rob the jewelry store and tell them to make you a grill. Don’t aim to be a Crest Kid, head to your nearest mall and cop some jewelry cleaner. A great smile is a wonderful asset and what better way to let your words speak for themselves if they have diamonds to back them up? If you are on the Nelly plan, pictures won’t be the only thing worth thousands, a cool mouth piece will have you blinding people with your smile, literally.

    Shining From Miles Away
    Cash Money: Bling Bling


    Its not a coincidence that Lil’ Wayne runs around talking about money all the time. Back in the day before he was leaning and baby making full time, he was spitting about blinging something serious in Nola. Every time he came around your city it was bling bling. Cash money’s creative conscious was focused on one thing and that was out blinging every one. There is no doubt that Nola’s finest brought the idea of dreaming, wishing and talking about ice to a whole new level. In the 90’s every one was seeing diamonds thanks to Weezy and his crew.

    The Originator
    Prince: Diamonds and Pearls


    All hail the great Purple one. Before talking about bling was an industry standard, Prince was singing about two times the jewelry. Noting that diamonds are just an accessory and that love is the master plan, this epic song reminds us that diamonds, pearls and even the world don’t add up to the sum total of good ol fashioned love. The Artist formally know as an unpronounceable symbol takes the high road by down playing the importance of bling and gives big ups to tender love and care instead. A wrist full of diamonds…millions of dollars, A slew of Pearls…thousands of dollars, Prince reminding us all that love shines brighter than them all…Priceless.

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