Parking Lot Pimping

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    Customizing cars  has been a part of hip-hop culture for the longest. Turning a 300C into a Bentley must be like an instant orgasm for celebs. Besides Xzibit on MTV’s Pimp My Ride, Funkmaster Flex has been lending his customizing expertise to automobiles in car shows everywhere. He recently gave Ford’s 2010 Taurus SHO a new look for the 2009 SEMA Convention by transforming it into this:


    Nowadays all most celeb’s drive fabulous cars, but back in the day before all the glitz and glam what automobile would they have been driving-that would have needed a little pimping?


    Mase, his slow rhymes on the little yellow school bus. This pretty much has everything you would need except maybe a T.V in the headrest.


    Yeah Jigga walk right out the club into that Camry. Get some blue lights, to match your Yankee fitted.


    Don’t know how that would look with rims but it would be worth a try Em.


    Aw, look at the little hatchback. Throw some tints on the windows and you could of had a little Chris- Mobile.


    Looking like that Mariah, you and your fourteen kids would have fit perfectly in a station-wagon. Open the trunk and put a Playstation in it for Nick cannon!


    Well sorry 50, but I dont think the police will us trick this ride. Good thing you turned your life around though, hopefully no more trips in that truck!


    T.I- Heard you were kind of really  broke before you came “The Rubber Band Man” the bus may have been your only means to get around. Good thing is you can definitaley fit 28″ rims on those tires. The A/C always works and its more advanced than any Bentley- you can fit wheelchairs on it!


    The only thing she should be riding!

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