Is Rihanna Qualified To Teach "Rockstar 101"?

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    Rihanna is a self proclaimed rock star who in many ways is deserving of the title. She does manage to walk the walk, and as of late she has a particular penchant for talking the talk:


    “Six inch walker/Big sh** talker
    I never play the victim/Id rather be a stalker
    I’m a rockstar”

    -“Rockstar 101”

    While the “good girl gone bad” has swag times a million, Is she really prepared to lead the class on Rock & Roll, as per the name of her newly released single, Rockstar 101? In our opinion, some fancy clothes, a few crotch grabs and a good-girl-gone-bad attitude does not a rock star make. Still, Ri has conjured up a video to convince us.

    The stills from the single’s accompanying video suggest that shes got both the look and the entourage needed to pull off the effect. But before we even get a glimpse of the nouveau  rock star, lets take a GIANT step back and consult with a few of the Rock & Roll masters,who taught us exactly what it means to party like a rock star.


    “That bloke from Oasis said I couldn’t play guitar/
    Somebody shoulda told him I’ma f***in’ rockstar”

    -“Jockin Jay-Z”

    Jay-Z is undoubtedly the premiere rock star of the hip hop variety. The off-and-on hottest rapper in the game has mastered his own unique way of rocking everything from the mic to the boardroom. Hands down, the Jigga man perfected the swag that lives on via his Roc princess, Rihanna. Take a look at Jigga owning a stage in true rocker fashion even without a guitar.

    Lenny Kravitz:

    “I’m the minister of Rock ‘N Roll/
    I can heal you/
    I can save your soul”

    -“Minister of Rock”

    Lenny Kravitz is the epitome of a rock star. If rock is a religion, and Kravitz is its leader, then who of us wishes not to be saved? Watch a master at work and take lessons, all you who aspire:


    “I rock therfore I am/
    I don’t need you to tell me/
    I am the band”

    -“I Rock Therefore I Am”

    Arguably, prince invented cool. Only a rock star can rock heels, pants sans derriere coverage and flowing jheri curled hair while simultaneously oozing masculinity and sex appeal. Prince is a master of pushing limits. These days every pop engenue with a creative wardrobe is claiming rock star status; Prince, however, invented it.

    Rihanna is sure to debut an awesome video showing off all of her rock star potential, but she does have some epic footprints to fill. Perhaps a true-blue rock and roller like Travis Barker can help:

    Take a look at the photos from Rihanna’s video shoot:

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