Only Built For Cubannie Links

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    Back in ’95 Raekwon let the world know that real Gs rock strictly with Cuban Linx. Fifteen years later, his legacy lives on via Cubannie Links, an independently owned home based jewelry line of beautifully bold pieces strictly built for the brave.

    Founder & Designer Annie Basulto is undoubtedly one of the young new faces that you should know, as her work is gaining notoriety on the cosmopolitan Streetwear scene. Cubannie Links can be seen on all of your favorite style icons from Rihanna to Alicia Keys, and her designs  are around the way girl meets downtown hipster with and edge. Ghetto fab, if you will.

    We got to know Annie a little better, and we concur.

    Shes a future GIANT; get to know her:

    GIANT: If Raekwon is “Only Built For Cuban Links,” then who are Cubannie Links built for?

    CUBANNIE LINKS: Cubannie Links is built to for everyone. There is something out there for the tomboy, the sophisticated, the bougie, the girl at McDonald’s, the Corporate Exec, the movie star and the housewife.

    G: You state that your brand is mindful of what “that girl” desires. Who is “that girl” and what does she desire?

    CL: Girls want to set trends making statements with their fashion choices. She also likes to look cute all day long. Heavy earrings usually work for about 3 hours but CL earrings offers the look without the heavy weight that jack up your earlobes! Girls want to be trendy and comfortable, fashion meets productivity. Why not have it all.

    G: What inspired your latest collection?

    CL: The latest collection is the evolution of my staple pieces. New chain quality for the Rosary, this chain is amazing. It’s a linked chain that is studded on both sides. There are new sizes and shapes taken from the Varadero Earrings.

    GIANT: Fill in the blanks Annie (Ad libs style!).

    CL: Hi, I’m ready to move out of NYC to a Sunshine State.

    I am the latina girl from Dave Chappelle’s “white people can’t dance” skit.

    I think Cubannie Links is my ticket out.

    You should always help the elderly.

    Words of wisdom indeed.

    Take a sneak peek at a few items from the new line below:

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