The GIANT Guide On How To Be A Villain

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    The new remake of “Nightmare on Elm Street” has just hit a theater near you, and we are particularly excited about the return of the only villain with enough swag to rock the fedora and the melted face together.

    The throwback horror flick is based on the premise that a few haunted teens are tortured by uber-scary clawed villain-Freddy Kreuger-in their dreams; the effects of which (ie death and or mutilation) carry over into real life.

    In honor of the return of Freddy, we have composed a complete guide for how to be villain. If you are so inclined, take notes just in case an opportunity to take over the world or a few nightmares ever presents itself. Hey, you never know.

    Picture 1

    Picture 2

    We recommend these:

    Jason Mask



    Fake Mustache



    Black Cloak



    Picture 4

    There you have it. You are now well on your way to being a villain. If you need a few more pointers, watch Freddy do his G thing in the trailer for “Elm Street.”

    Also, check out a few of your favorite villains below:

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