The Jamaican Takeover: 5 Ways The Island Is Setting Major Trends

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    After watching Drake’s new video for “Find Your Love,” we are truly inspired. Here are five reasons why we think that Jamaica is a small island with a big influence:


    Rastafarian Fashion

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    This seasons’ top designers like Blumarine and Christian Louboutin are showing collections with clear Rastafarian influences. This little Island obviously has a cultural identity that is iconic enough to pierce the ultra exclusive upper echelons of the fashion realm.


    The Iconic “Badman”

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    The Jamaican badman is a fearsome figure indeed. Most recently, Drake jetted down to Jamaica to film the video for his latest single “Find Your Love.” The plot surrounds Drake’s feeble attempts to court a shotta’s girl. In the end, though, the badman (played by dancehall heavy hitter Mavado) prevails, having set Drake up to fall in love with his girl, who then takes the crooner out with 3 shots to the back of the head, execution style. Drake has failed in his videos many times before, but perhaps that Jamaican influence was all he needed to succeed. Take a look below:




    Usain Bolt is the 23 year old phenom responsible for single handedly propelling Jamaica into a place of recognition on the world’s athletic stage. The famed Jamaican sprinter and a three-time Olympic gold medalist holds a  plethora of world and Olympic records as well as the distinction of being the first man to win three sprinting events at a single Olympics since Carl Lewis in 1984, and the first man to set world records in three races at a single Olympics. Add to that the lucrative global campaigns he is featured in and the powerhouse corporations jockeying to provide him with sponsorships and Usain is simply unstoppable. Although he has become an international figure, his achievements have solidified him as a hometown hero.


    Far Reaching Influence

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    Jamaica has its own, very distinct musical culture, from which legends like Bob Marley emerged. It also has a faction by the name of “Dancehall” which is outrageous, though in many ways enthralling. When deep baselines combine with rhythmic and verbal calls to waste-winding action, so begins the dancehall phenomenon. Such bashments are known for their scantily clad attendees, and wild dancing antics. Dancehall, however has stretched far beyond the Jamaican shorelines, as far away as Japan where the culture seems to be thriving. Take a look at this video of a Japanese dancehall party that serves no purpose other than to demonstrate why Jamaicans are truly trendsetters:




    Jamaicans wrote the book on rest and relaxation; or at least they should have considering that the small island boasts some of the most amazingly serene tropical scenery in the world. Either you’ve all been to Jamaica, or you really want to go. Just another reason Jamaica has earned its place on the map, both literally and figuratively.

    Now check out these exclusive GIANT images of one of our favorite Jamaican Supermodels, and possibly the sixth reason why  the island deserves ’nuff respect:

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    Also take a look at this exclusive behind the scenes footage:

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