Sex And The City 2 Fashion Guide

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    Sex and The City 2 is finally here and the fashion extravaganza has been stirring up buzz among the die-hard fans who have coveted the fiercely styled costumes since the series’ inauguration.

    The premiere took place yesterday, appropriately in NYC, and the girls hit the red carpet dressed for a celebration. While we are all anticipating the theater opening of SATC2, we can indulge in the musing of Patricia Field, the film’s costume designer, and the woman single-handedly responsible for the fashion phenomenon that it has become.

    Fields spoke candidly to NY Mag about the decisions leading up to the costume choices for the movie’s sequel. Take a look at a few of the stunning looks, as well as the reasoning behind them:

    About the scene in the above photo, Patricia Field says:

    “This is in the Middle Eastern desert in a tent. In the course of this desert jaunt that they do, they have three changes, which is really funny. This, to me, is giving you Sex and the City: the hysterical. Miranda’s dress is gorgeous, by the way — that dress is an antique. When I first met Cynthia Nixon at the beginning of the series, she said to me, ‘Pat, you’re the expert, I’m not into fashion, just dress me, I trust you.’ That was a compliment, but in a way it posed a problem, because…Read the rest here.


    “Oh, this is my homage to Galliano — I love him; Sarah Jessica loves him. And so I use him a lot just because I love his clothes. The J’adore Dior is a vintage piece, about ten years old, and it was just sitting there and we were like, ‘Where the hell are we going to use this?’ And that skirt is really a crinoline under a gown — it’s a slip, and it was beautiful. So I said, ‘Let’s use the slip as a skirt and do our Carrie, funk-it-up style with that Dior T-shirt…Read the rest here.


    “It was a concern of Sarah Jessica’s that Carrie’s not a kid anymore, and so maybe we should change her style, but I said, ‘No, she’s not a kid, but she’s still Carrie! She doesn’t all of a sudden have a lobotomy and become like Charlotte, or become a designer-driven dresser.’ In this shot, Carrie has a potpourri on.” (This is the $50,000 outfit.) …Read the rest here.

    Go here for more pics and photo commentary by Patricia Field.

    Also check out these photos from the film’s NYC red carpet premiere here:

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