Round Two For The Boys In Blue! USA Advances In World Cup

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    world-cup-america-win-usaTeam USA has reached another milestone in the fight for the World Cup today with a jaw dropping goal, just in the nick of time.

    According to the Huffington Post,

    With the U.S. perhaps three minutes from elimination Wednesday, Donovan brought the ball upfield on a counterattack and Jozy Altidore’s shot on the breakaway was tipped by Clint Dempsey into goalkeeper Rais Bolihi. The rebound went to Donovan, who kicked it in from about 8 yards for one of the biggest goals in U.S. soccer history.

    The World Cup games are among the most culturally significant because of their ability to bring so many nations together in a show of brawn and athleticism in the context of friendly competition. Furthermore, its good to see the home team stuntin’ on the world stage!

    All you true-blue football fans, take a look at Donovan’s winning goal below:

    Take a look at these shots from the game as well:

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