Meet Nigel Sylvester, The Reigning King of BMX

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    If anyone has ever told you that riding bikes were exclusively for kids and broke hippies, they obviously have not seen or heard of pro BMX (bicycle motocross) rider, Nigel Sylvester. At 22-years-young, the Queens native is reshaping the view of street riding, a skill that has typically been looked over in the sports arena. Now, Nigel has caught the attention from one of his major sponsors, Nike, along with being sponsored by Gatorade, Animal Bikes, and Dance Competition. Nigel was recently photographed by pro photographer, Barron Claiborne (who’s most noted for photographing the iconic image of Biggie Smalls with the crown on his head) for an exclusive photo shoot just for

    Exclusive Photos Barron Claiborne
    Words Whitney Summer Boyd


    When we spoke to Nigel, he was in California getting ready to film a commercial with Nike and briefly spoke to us about the 2010 Afro-punk Festival’s skate competition, Battle for The Streets (in which he will be one of the judges alongside Edwin Delarosa).

    AfroPunk: So what are you looking to the most at the Afro-punk festival this year?

    Nigel: Well, I’m just going to take it in fully. I’ve never been to the Afro-punk festival and I keep hearing about how I would like it. I’m just going to sit back and take it all in.

    AP: Well, you won’t just be sitting back, I have to see you live and in action for real. You have to be like the tough judge during the Battle of the Streets skate competition.

    N: Ha. Yea, I’m going to be doing the judging too. Seeing what comes out. It’s like, Afro-punk brings something different to the community. You see it all the time in the streets, but seeing everyone together should be cool…


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