Lady Gaga Poses As A Man, We're Impressed

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    Lady Gaga is always going to the extremes in order to maintain her Avant Guarde image. While this can easily be viewed as her attempt at remaining relevant, interesting and popular, a recent shoot may have proven that the theatrics are not necessary in her quest to do so. In what we consider her most interesting photo shoot to date, Gaga poses as a man, channeling a more suave, toned down, androgynous image of herself. The images will be featured in Vogue Hommes Japan. Take a look at the shots below:




    Being that Gaga is bisexual, perhaps this shoot was merely an ode to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual community with which she identifies. On the other hand, it may be evidence that Gaga is not merely a fame mongering pop star pushing the limits of entertainment simply for the sake of album sales, but rather a truly insightful artist pushing the limits of creativity.

    You decide: art or entertainment?

    Check out Gaga’s normal swag in the gallery below:

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