5 Reasons NY Doesn't Want Lebron Anymore

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    Now that all of the Lebron whoopla is over, we-in true New Yorker fashion-are back to bitter. Sure, we were into the whole thing in the beginning, but now that we’ve had time to really sit and think about it, Lebron’s not all that anyway. The basketball’s most popular free-agent was being courted by every wannabe-power team in the nation over the past few weeks, only to choose the Miami Heat as his new home-team. Can we blame Lebron for rejecting NY and refusing to go down with a sinking ship? No. Are we upset anyway? Yep. Here are 5 reasons why us New Yorkers are hating on the King’s big decision.


    “The King” Has Nothing On Kobe

    While the entire country is going gaga over King James, Kobe remains comfortably seated on the b-ball throne. Kobe has more than proved himself as a winner, yet James is still struggling to build his resume. As the NY Post put it, Lebron has the “it factor,” but lacks the wins to back it up:

    LeBron has it even if hasn’t won anything yet except one Eastern Conference title and one trip to the NBA Finals. Kobe Bryant is currently the official crowned king of the NBA, you bet he is. He has five NBA titles, two in a row, he finally beat the Boston Celtics a couple of weeks ago, which for a Laker is like becoming a made man in the mob.

    So the final verdict is, he wouldn’t have been that great for us anyway.


    Only The Strong Survive

    They say that “if you can make it here, you’ll make it any where.” Well, we have a strong suspicion that Lebron wasn’t too sure whether he could make it in the apple.  While we all looked to him as the trump card for the flailing Knicks, it seemed that the pressure was to great. It was a challenge of Jordan proportions and Lebron just wasn’t ready to step his game up. Its ok though, James, you’ll probably be better of with your Miami crutches teammates anyway. Once again the Post puts it best:

    New York would have meant pressure. Staying in Cleveland would have meant pressure and as we know LeBron, unlike Ewing, cannot handle the pressure.

    Here’s what fellow bitter  New Yorker Spike Lee had to say:


    Money In The Bank

    In light of the recent budget cuts taking place in NYC schools and public services, blowing hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars on a ball player seems highly unreasonable. Whether or not the salary proposed to Lebron for his tenure with the Knicks has anything to do with NYC budgeting (which we doubt), spending astronomical amounts on one player just does not appeal to us anymore.



    The only thing New Yorkers hate more than cowards is traffic. Can you imagine the gridlock surrounding Madison Square Garden that would result from the rush of new fans headed to Knick games (Not to mention the train congestion)? Thanks but no thanks!


    Thou Art Not God

    We think the whole chalk-dust-in-the-air thing is ridiculous. Perhaps our initial bids to plant the King James movement in NYC added to the God complex that Lebron is undoubtedly developing, but hopefully this new bitterness0after-rejection will bring him back down to size.

    Ok all bitterness aside, Lebron is a great player that will thrive in any environment. Yea, we’re mad he didn’t pick us, but we respect the fact that he’s taking Miami to the next level, and was brave enough to go against the grain, choosing the Heat, which no one expected. We’re mad, but we’ll get over it!

    All hail Miami’s new King!


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