Goodbye, and hello.

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    Much like the reports of Rick Ross formerly working as a corrections officer and Tyga repeatedly getting his chain snatched, 2008 will soon be a distant memory. But given the music industry’s penchant for repeating both successes and failures, I decided to compile a short list of the things that shouldn’t make it into next year.


    1. Auto-Tune
    I used to hate T-Pain and Lil Wayne. Now, not so much. However, henceforth they should be the only artists allowed to touch the zero setting on Auto-Tune.


    2. Comebacks
    With every artist trying to avoid the reality-show black hole that is VH1, quite a few attempted comebacks. Most failed. Check the SoundScan numbers for Nelly, LL Cool J and Janet Jackson if you don’t believe me.

    3. Posers
    I fully support hipster rappers who are true to themselves. What I can’t stand are the lames that jump on the bandwagon in an attempt to recreate success. You know who you are.

    4. Ironic names
    Although I appreciate creativity, knock it off with the dumb names – as in: The Cool Kids, The Knux and Black Kids.

    5. Rappers.
    There are just too many rappers.

    But as half empty as the glass is, there are also a few things I do hope to see and hear more of in ’09.

    1. Concept albums
    I’ve been a sucker for a good concept album since Prince Paul’s A Prince Among Thieves. For 2008, 88 KeysThe Death of Adam hit that mark.

    2. Comebacks
    No misprint here. They can, in the right situation (Britney Spears, T.I., etc.), actually work.

    3. Paying dues
    Lil Wayne may have had a breakout year, but he was no Soulja Boy. That young man has been on his Internet grind for a minute, and his success is, well, kind of deserved.

    4. Video game collabos
    Any smart rapper can tell you that licensing tracks to game companies such as EA Sports and 2K Games is the best way to make money in today’s tumultuous music market. Plus, who doesn’t like kicking ass to a dope soundtrack?

    5. Beyoncé music videos.
    Need I say more?

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