5 Reasons We Can't Wait For This Year's Fall Line-up

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    Autumn is almost here. Literally, mark your calendars!! It’s going to get a little nippy outdoors. Why not become a coach potato? That gives you a reason to work to get that beach bum bod like a mad man (or lady) when it starts to heat up in springtime. Here are five reasons:


    A post-Ugly Betty Vanessa L. Williams Joins Desperate Housewives and gets a Wild West motif!


    The second season of TV musical Glee starts and that means more one-liners from Sue Sylvester and more gospels wails from Mercedes!


    More diversity. More Boom Boom Pow T&A. More Beefcake. More ka-boom bang-bang livewire explosives. And a remixed theme song. The Hawaii Five-O remake has us shellshocked.


    $#^! My Dad Says: The title alone gives us goosebumps!


    We’re seriously waiting to hear the outrage when the smart and seductive Undercovers gets hate from all of those damned Obama isolates and love from all of those eccentric Benetton aficionados. Two non-stereotypical and cerebral black leads? A good story? Proper character development? Characters we’ll actually care about? Let’s get this season started!

    Honorable mention

    So they canned the critically-acclaimed New York sitcom monster and brought the show to La La Land, where ever other show on TV is shooting. (sigh) Just Perfect! But regardless, law enforcement legal-drama Law & Order: Los Angeles is still going to deliver great stories. Too bad for all those qualified New York actors, though.

    Life is not always how you planned it would go. That’s where ABC is going with the newly-minted My Generation starring True Blood’s Mehcad Brooks!

    Denzel Washington And Sam Jackson Sons Announce “Children Of The Porn” Movie

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