Top 5 Black VMA Moments

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    Between all of the censoring of words and major celebrity shocks, looking back on the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards may be more difficult than imagined. Here at GIANT, we’ve brought you the top five black moments that occurred at the awards show this year. Each monumental moment will surely affect hip hop in major ways. Tyler went from an underground, indie darling to an international name. Beyonce went from Queen Bey to Mama Bey. Nicki Minaj crushed all the male nominees–including her “boss” Lil’ Wayne–by winning Best Hip Hop video. Chris Brown won back the hearts of many viewers in what some are calling his best performance to date. Lil Wayne, who ended the show, opened his act with an autotuned “How to Love” which quickly escalated into an all out headbanger version of “John.” Check out these photos and create your own caption!

    1. Tyler the Creator Wins The Best New Artist Award

    2. Beyonce Reveals Her Baby Bump

    3. Nicki Minaj Beats out Major Male Artists for Best Hip-Hop Video

    4. Chris Brown’s Performance Defies Gravity

    5. Lil Wayne Rocks the F*ck Out

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