A (Semi)Feminist Defends Rihanna’s Music

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    This is exactly how I feel...

    Here’s the thing. I only recently came out of the Rihanna-closet. In other words, I’ll openly admit that I enjoy listening to Rihanna’s studio albums (post Good Girl Gone Bad, to be specific.) But I’m still debating whether or not this is something I need to cure or permit. This paradox has actually been bothering me for the past year, ever since I realized that my incessant playing of Rated R was, in fact, directly related to the pleasure I got from listening to it. When the same thing happened with Loud, an album that I had most certainly rebuked at first listen, I knew it was time to come to terms with what was happening…

    Stockhanna Syndrome: (n) a term used to describe a paradoxical psychological phenomenon wherein former Rihanna critics express empathy and have positive feelings towards Rihanna’s songs, sometimes to the point of defending them.SYNONYM Braihannawashing

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