12 Guilty Smiles From George Zimmerman’s Fox News Interview

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    In his first interview since the Trayvon Martin shooting, George Zimmerman sat down with Sean Hannity on Fox News’ “Hannity Show“. The 40-minute interview recapped the entire evening of the shooting on Febuary 26th through Zimmerman’s eyes, the media aftermath and how he currently feels the case is being handled.

    For such a serious subject, Zimmerman managed to find quite a few opportunities to give off a smile and laugh or two. What’s up with that? Below are the most guilty smiles of George Zimmerman during his interview with Sean Hannity.

    Minute 6:16 — Hannity refers to the 9-1-1 tape where George Zimmerman was heard allegedly saying “These [explicitives] get away with this all the time.” When asked what he actually said on the tape, Zimmerman replies “[smile] Punks”

     Minute 7:59 – Hannity: [In the 9-1-1 call] The dispatcher asked, are you following him. And you said yes. Explain that.”

    Zimmerman: I meant that I was going in the same direction as him to keep eye on him so I can tell the Police which direction he was going. I wasn’t actually pursuing him… [smile]

    Minute 10:53 – Hannity asked Zimmerman about the initial confrontation with Trayvon. Zimmerman smirked and paused before he said, “He [Trayvon] asked me what my problem was.”

    Minute 13:09 – Zimmerman was explaining how Trayvon allegedly bashed his head into the concrete. Hannity asked how many times Zimmerman thinks Trayvon punched him in the head. Zimmerman shakes his head and shows his pearly whites as he says, “[smile] several, um, more than a dozen”

    Minute 15:55 – Zimmerman smirks as he insists that the screaming heard on the 9-1-1 call from the neighbor, was him and not Trayvon.

    Minute 17:44 – Hannity: “Do you remember consciously thinking, ‘I have to grab my gun,’ or did you just do it?”

    Zimmerman: [smile] “I’d love to give you an answer, It just happened so quickly”

    Minute 18:07 – Zimmerman smiles as he clarifies that he is the only witness to the shooting of Trayvon Martin

    Minute 21:39 – Hannity: Do you think that maybe he thought you were after him and you thought that he was after you, and there was some sort of misunderstanding in any way?

    Zimmerman: I’ve wrestled with that for a long time [4 Second Laugh]… I can’t assume, or make believe

    Minute 23:29 – Hannity: Do you feel that in the end, that people will believe you and that people will understand? Are you that confident that you had a right to do this?

    Zimmerman: [smile]…. I am confident in the system. I really have no choice but to believe, still, in the system.


    Minute 24:48 – Hannity: How long was it between the time you shot him and the time the police actually got to the scene?

    Zimmerman: [Smile] It felt like forever. I’d say 15-30 seconds


    Minute 29:39 – Witness #9 that came forward about Zimmerman molesting her when she was younger and also claimed that he and his family had racist views.

    Zimmerman: [smile] It is ironic that the one and only person that they could find that says anything remotely to me being racist is also the person that claims I’m deviant

    Minute 37:31 – Zimmerman defending being a White man killing a Black teenage boy.

    “My father is Caucasian, my mother is Hispanic… I consider myself (pause), first of all an American [laugh], but an Hispanic American”

    Watch the whole interview here:

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