5 Ways Jay-Z Will Boost The NBA 2K Brand

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    nba 2k13 jay-zAlthough firmly in his early 40s, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter commands the attention of both so-called “old heads” and a younger generation seeking to emulate his effortless cool and replicate his continuing success. We could list Jay’s business ties until the sun rises, but his latest endeavor as executive producer for the long-running sports game franchise NBA 2K13, adds a unique feather in his crowded cap. GIANT looks at five ways Hov’s addition to the NBA-licensed video game franchise helps boosts its appeal from 2012 and beyond.

    1. Jay-Z Brings New Spotlight To An Already Flourishing Brand – If you’re doubting Hov’s drawing power, one just has to look how his tiny ownership stake and behind-the-scenes involvement in the Brooklyn Nets has skyrocketed the value of the organization. Jay adds that same sizzle to NBA 2K13 with his street smart wit, steely all-business demeanor and the ability to generate buzz even with over two decades in the rap world.

    2. Strong Musical Acumen – In his world, Jay-Z is known for having one of the best ear for beats to match with his verses. As the executive producer on the creative side of things, Jay-Z curated the entire soundtrack for the game and picked some gems from his vaults as well as past collaborators such as Nas and the Notorious B.I.G. Even 2K’s VP of Marketing Jason Argent gushed in an interview that it was “the best soundtrack we’ve ever done.”

    3. Access To One Of The Most Dedicated Creative Minds In Business – Jay-Z has yet to involved in anything one could deem corny. Every business move he makes is superbly calculated, something he certainly learned after hobnobbing with billionaires Bill Gates and close friend Warren Buffett. When Jay-Z lends his name to a project, they’re getting more than just mere street cred. Jay-Z gets deeply involved in his side projects outside of his first love of music, and astonishingly succeeds with ease as if it were almost expected.

    4. Name Dropping Could Pay Huge Dividends – How many times over the years has Jay started trends from him simply dropping names in a song? Liquor companies, jewelry makers and countless others have benefitted from Jay-Z’s inclusion of their brand in a verse. Imagine Hov flipping a line about NBA 2K13? That alone could usher in a new brand of fan that isn’t necessarily a gamer but interested in Jay’s movement.

    5. A Potential Deep-Pocketed Partner With Friends In High Places – Should Visual Concepts ever need an injection of cash, Jay-Z has plenty of it. With net worth of $460 million with no signs of slowing his earning potential, the Brooklyn bomber could become a valuable partner to the video game franchise and perhaps get involved with the company’s other titles in some capacity. Factor in his close connection with fellow rich cats like Diddy and the aforementioned Buffet, Jay-Z could very well start his own gaming company someday.

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