This Year’s Best Sports Bloopers … So Far

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    Many of us watch sports for the competitive spirit, the path to victory, or the agony of defeat. Some of us, however, love watching sports for the opportunity to share in the glow of hilariously botched play. Below are some of our favorite recent sports bloopers and fails.

    Andre Parker and Kent State Need a Compass

    Kent State’s Andre Parker recieves a muffed punt and runs the wrong way. OK. That happens sometimes, but what’s even crazier here is that no one on his team tells him he’s running the wrong way and the opposing team chases him. The question: why?

    Fouled Dunk

    This is possibly one of the worst attempts to dunk from the foul line.

    Oh, Superman

    Golden Tate gets his Superman on, with the wrong team.

    I Believe I Can Fly…

    A for effort F for WTF were you thinking

    Body Check

    Not-so happy ending for Ben Roethlisberger from Calvin Pace…

    You’re Doing It Wrong. Twice.

    Double fail missed dunk and loss of possession, next time let’s go for a regular dunk.

    Worst Layup Ever?

    The Wizrds had one of the worst seasons last year and this one of the few reasons.


    Pin trolls?

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