The Rich Kids Of Instagram: 11 Pics That Prove You Are Not About That Life

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    If you thought your favorite rapper or athlete was ballin’, you haven’t seen the Rich Kids of Instagram. They do everything over the top. From oversized champagne bottles to million-dollar sports cars, these youth are just plain stuntin’ on us regular folks — and there’s a whole Tumblr to prove it. Gaze in wonder or pain at our picks of the best pics of the rich life:

    Ready for a night out on the town…#aston #dom#hermes#givenchy

    A photo posted by Chase (@chasebankson) on

    Everything in this pic says rich. The limited Tiffany Dunks, Hermes Belt, the double fisting of champagne bottles, topped off with a little Aston Martin.

    Who needs a water park? Rich kids just sail out in the middle of nowhere with their portable slide. As the wealthy brats say: #imonaboat.

    The real meaning of a champagne diet.

    First-world problems: your baby lion scratches up the dashboard of your BMW.

    What exactly is a fur collar? And why does it cost so much?

    This is not your every-day Rolex watch. This is the limited Daytona watch. Starting price: $30,000.

    Making it rain in the club with Dom P.

    Apparently this dude is fancy. A straw for a champagne bottle?

    Stuntin’ is a habit? Or Maybe these guys are just douchebags.

    Miss.Humble herself driving in the ModestMobile #rebecca #humble #hamptons #driving #mclaren

    A photo posted by Andrew Warren (@adwarren) on

    In the words of Kanye: “And the doors, raise up, like praise the Lord!”

    LA ✈ NY

    A photo posted by Tiffany Ariana Trump (@tiffanytrump) on

    Nothing says ballin’ like having your name on your private plane.

    Have you seen some amazing (or nauseating) pics of rich kids on Instagram? Let us know in the comments or send them to us on Twitter:



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